OB1 V3.1S – Standard Kit (4 LED cables included)


Light up your 1:14 trailer with this light set from OB1, featuring reverse, brake and indicator lights. Included are 4 led cables, you can plug up to 10 led light connectors into the main unit!

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V3.1S – Standard Kit (4 LED cables included)

Install on Trailer, internal Bluetooth wireless connects and receive commands from V3.1M (v3.1M Unit separately available).

  • 10 LED Connectors available (only 4 LED cables included in this set);
  • BR1-2 (Brake lamp)
  • L1, R1 (Left & Right signals)
  • AUX1-5 (AUX lamp)
  • REV (Reverse lamp)
  • Powered by battery box (AA size x 4, batterys not included)
V3.1S Standard kit includes:
  • Main unit x 1
  • SET Switch cable x 1
  • Extend LED cable x 2
  • REV LED cable x 1 (5mm WHITE LED x 2)
  • Brake LED cable x 1 (5mm RED LED x 2)
  • Left / Right LED cable x 2 (5mm YELLOW LED x 1)
  • Battery Box
  • User Manual (English / Traditional Chinese) x 1
  • Left / Right winker lamps
  • 2-level brightness brake lamp
  • hazard lamp
  • Reverse lamp
  • Toggle function (Hold for 3 sec. to change LED status, total 4 Toggle steps !)
  • Flash mode (All LED), Press SET switch anytime after power on to change total 7 flashing styles
  • FR2, AUX2, ROF connectors have 4 Power Options (Low/ Mid/ High / Extra High)
1 connector Max. can drive 16 LED (20mA) type
However if HIGH / EX-HIGH Power option used, external BEC (3A or 5A) may be required.
Support legs position detection   V3.1S Specification:
  • Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth Specification V2.0 with EDR
  • Input Voltage: 5-6VDC (Powered by BEC), absolute Max. 9V
  • Low Voltage Detection battery type: 1-6S LiPo / LiFePo / User define Max. 25.2V (V3.1M)
  • Support RC Modulation: High Response 2.4G system / PCM / PPM (FM) / AM (V3.1M)
  • Dimension (Main unit): 44mm (L), 38mm (W), 10mm (H)
  • Dimension (Battery box): 70mm (L), 65mm (W), 20mm (H)
  • Weight: Main unit 12g / Large unit 20g (Not includes cables)
ob1 V31S bleutooth tamiya

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